Walking on the Cavendish Road

Walking on the Cavendish Road

€75 a persona

Nature, history, sport… you’ll find this and a much more during our excursion along the Cavendish Road, at the bottom of the marvelous Montecassino Abbey, just a few kilometers far from Rome and Naples.

Starting from the center of Cassino we can reach the village of Caira in 10 minutes with a transfer service that will leave us on the start point of the Cavendish Road. From this place, a personal challenge begins, because this is an adventure through history, to satisfy your body and your mind. The distance to the top of Cavendish Road is about 4km with few slopes of 30% and can be covered in 2/3 hours. Hiking the paths, you will realize that being there is not a case, but history has called you to join itself. Your experience can now be divided according to your curiosity: we can decide to reach directly Monte Cassino, passing through the Polish monuments, or staying longer in the Albaneta Farm, and then decide to hike more to Hill 593 or Hill 575.

Bialecki rank
Albaneta Farm
Hill 593: obelisk in memory of the fallen of the Polish division “Karpazia”
Hill 575
Polish Cemetery
Montecassino Abbey

Min. 2
Max 7

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    Cassino (FR)
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Cassino (FR)