Ready, set, bake!

Ready, set, bake!

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Learn the basic pastry techniques assisted by an experienced chef! Try our cooking class as a funny way to acquire new practical skills and taste some delicious italian food

A bakery class in a stunning Palazzo dating back to 700… Join us to prepare some delicious pastries of the Italian tradition!


Our course will be held by a professional Chef in a beautiful old residence dating back to the 700 in the historic center of Arce, on the south western slopes of the Rocca d’Arce mountain.

During the class our instructor we’ll show you how to bake classic pastries of the Italian tradition: sponge cake, puff pastry, shortbread.. you’ll enjoy working with your classmates as the chef teaches you the basic pastry techniques,  how to use the tools and to follow the recipes.
At the end of the lesson you will have a tasting of what you have prepared with the chef.   The Italian tradition of pastry-making will no longer hold any secrets.

Arce (Fr)

Min. 8
Max 12

Interpretation services on request: English, Spanish, French 50 euro/h
Overnight accommodation available

Are you interested? Send us an email to specifying in the subject “Show cooking pasticceria” for further information.

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    Arce (FR)


Arce (FR)