Divine tour of the Roman City Minturnae

€25 a persona

Dive into the past and discover how life used to be 2000 years ago in the city of Minturnae.

The Archaeological Area of Minturnae is a little-known but impressive archaeological site along the Appian Way. The ancient was one of the richest of the Roman Empire thanks to the production of the wines Cecubo and Falerno. The Archeological Area includes the ancient city, the Museum with artifacts dating back to Roman times and some woods of ship of the XVII and XVII century and the spectacular Borbonic Bridge “Real Ferdinando”  from the 1832.

Your experience will start at the ancient city of Minturnae, where Caius wearing a traditional costume of the time, will show you around the archaeological area at the discovery of the daily life from 2000 years ago. During the trip you will have the chance to visit the Via Appia Antica, the Theatre, the Latrina, the public baths, the malls of the time, the Macellum and the Thermae. Along the path you will meet with different characters, as a roman legionnaire, a Matron that will show you some objects in regular use at that time, like those used in the thermae, the weapons and will introduce you about the art of cuisine and the drinking habit.

Roman City of Minturnae
Archaeological Area and Museum
Bourbon Bridge “Real Ferdinando”

Min. 2
Max 150

Entry ticket: 5 € (free entry for under 18 years old residents of the EU countries)
For groups of over 40 participants a battle between gladiators will be performed in the charming framework of the roman theatre.

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Wine tasting of Cecubo and Falerno in the beautiful Villa Matilde and visit to the Cellar (12 euros per person)


Comprensorio Archeologico Minturnae