Discovering the dinosaur of Esperia and cheese making lab

€30 a persona

Follow the dinosaur footprints in the Aurunci chain and learn how a famous delicious cheese is made by the shepherds’ capable hands.

A fascinating adventure in a little village of the Aurunci Park, to discover the most ancient dinosaur footprints of the Lazio Region and the marzolina cheese, a typical product of excellent quality.

Your trip will start in the historic centre of Esperia, where the professional guides will lead you to the discovery of the archaeological site where in 2006 where discovered 40 dinosaur footprints dating back to 120-140 million year ago, the most ancient of the entire Lazio region.

The underground trip will follow inside the Karst Museum where you will be showed how the rocks created. The museum hosts paleontological findings, skulls and bones of our ancestors.. the perfect place where to participate in the educational laboratory carried out by our professional archaeologists about lighting the fire and chipping the stone.

Last step of your journey will be the cheese making lab, carried out by a specialized agricultural company. You will be showed all the steps in the production of the famous marzolina cheese. Tasting will follow and during the lab everyone will be invited to interact with the little goats, in the milking and feeding steps.

Archaeological site “Orme del dinosauro”, Esperia
Karst Museum, Esperia
Palazzo Spinelli, Esperia

Min. 40
Max 90

Transfer from the historic centre of Esperia to the archaeological site for groups higher than 40 must be organized by the school itself using small buses.


7 hours
  • Destination
  • Departure
    Departure from Piazza Caporrave, 03045 Esperia FR


Departure from Piazza Caporrave, 03045 Esperia FR