Boat tour to Cala dei Quarantaremi in Gaeta

Boat tour to Cala dei Quarantaremi in Gaeta

€45 a persona

Come to discover one of the most beautiful beaches of the Gaeta Gulf: Cala dei Quarantaremi.

Behold the beauty of this coast changing from hidden inlets to wonderful cliffs… following the path of Ulysses

On our way to the final destination, we will meet the Regional Park Monte Orlando and the Sanctuary of the Broken Mountain, a place of naturalistic, historic and religious interest, the Serapo beach, until we reach the little Cala dei Quarantaremi.

Cala dei Quarantaremi, a little inlet protected from the air currents represents a real shelter form the summer chaos, indeed the beach can be reached only by sea or the residents living in this piece of heaven.

If the conditions are ideal, you will be able to swim inside the “Grotta Blu”, an incredible experience that will take your breath away.

Guided tour with an experienced skipper
1 stop to take a swim

Parco Regionale di Monte Orlando
Santuario della Montagna Spaccata
Spiaggia di Serapo
Cala dei Quarantaremi
Grotta blu

Min. 4
Max. 8

In case of adverse weather conditions the excursion will not take place

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