Boat tour of the Gulf of Gaeta

Boat tour of the Gulf of Gaeta

€35 a persona

A fascinating excursion to discover the stunning Gulf of Gaeta. A relaxing and lovely tour that will immerse yourself into the colors, sounds and smells of one of the most beautiful coasts of Italy.


Leaving the harbor located in the beautiful Medieval Gaeta, we will sail along the coast as we admire the colors, shape and sounds of the city, the landscapes of Gaeta and Formia.
Guided by our skipper, we will navigate the shoreline towards Formia, the city that has been known since the Roman era, heralded by Marziale for the position inside the Gulf of Gaeta and the mild climate. As we navigate we will bump into fishing vessels and flocks of seagulls, beautiful sail boats floating around the Gulf driven by the marine breeze…
In the windy days you will be able to admire the profile of the coast, including the volcano Vesuvius, the islands of Ischia, Ventotene and Ponza.
On our way back the harbor will welcome us with the fishermen shouting, the bells of the ancient churches as we reach the port cradled by the trail of the boat.

Guided tour on a motorboat
Panoramic overview of the Gulf of Gaeta, from Gaeta to the port of Formia

Gulf of Gaeta

Min. 4
Max. 8

In case of adverse weather conditions the excursion will not take place

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