The Pontecorvo Carnival is one of the most famous of the Lazio Region. The first year of the event was 1952, when some Pontecorvo inhabitants went to Naples and bought a giant papier-mache puppet representing an elephant. Alicandro, that’s his name, became the mascot of the event for many years. He was later replaced by a new mask named “Ammazzamavere“, recalling the sentence “Ammazza i mori” (“Kill the dark-skinned”) that the inhabitans used to scream during the Saracen attacks.

After that, in 1979 it was the turn of the Princess, which represented the carnival queen which was elected at the end of the evening during these celebrations.

For the last ten years or so, the official costume of the Pontecorvo carnival has been Burlicchio, who wears a similar costume to the more famous Arlecchino, holds a truncheon and has a nose like Pinocchio.