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About us

Our project was born in 2016 with the aim to promote a territory full of history, culture, sport and tradition. A territory covering different provinces but historically connected that is composed of four well defined areas: the Aurunci Park, the “Terra Sancti Benedicti”, the Comino Valley and the Gulf of Gaeta.

The aim of Kelle Terre is to find, collect and promote the best tourist, cultural, sporting and gastronomic  experiences of our territory.

A different kind of tourism, slow and experiential based on the pursuit of quality and authentic experiences, the discovery of beauty, culture and local traditions.


Our mission

Kelle terre is an online booking engine allowing clients to book services in real time. In this way digital tourists can view the experience they are interested in, from the wine testing in the cellar to a day with the shepherd, from the MTB tour to the rock climbing course. Everything from the comfort of your own home, without having to reach out the every single operator, buying the experience directly online.

Kelle Terre is a reference point for anybody looking for holidays or simply things to do in our territory. In the same way, kelle terre is a showcase for tourist operators who want to promote their offers, having for support a team of professionals devoted to this country and the quality tourism.